Libertine club in paris

Open from 22h pm to 5 am / Open from Monday to Saturday
Prices :
– Free entry for couples and single women (Except drinks)
– Single man 105€ with 2 drinks

The philosophy
The philosophy of our libertine club…
After several years of commun life, most of couples look for new motivations and excitation source.
For spicing up – Their lifes and staying together faithfully. Often, couples settle into a routine without even notice it.
In their hectic life, no one cares more about appearance and even the sexual desire fades and couples life frayed sometimes.
For sympathize or to seduce, to woo and flirt only for a short night. A soft proposal made by the CUPIDON Club and its echange nights.

The CUPIDON Club, a friendly place where couples could meet in complete freedom. For spending moments of excitation together.
Where can you meet ladies who come to seduce and captivate in sexy clothes ? And Men are there to charm and fascinate them.

Where ? It’s not in libertine club.
The CUPIDON – A place full of romance.

Adress :
3, rue Villedo, Paris 75001 Téléphone :
Parking near Metro PYRAMIDE (Parking Indigo)